About Us

Pioneer Sailing Services Private Limited.


At Pioneer Sailing Services Private Limited, we proudly hold the market leadership position in the realm of Self Development. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of growth have propelled us towards our ultimate aspiration—to become the preeminent entity in our field.


Our vision at Pioneer is to meticulously craft and deliver the most exceptional Auditing and Training Services, raising the standards of work quality and productivity for both companies and individuals.

Introduction and Our Journey

Founded in the year 2000 and inaugurated by the esteemed figure in the Maritime Industry, late Capt. S.S.S. Rewari, Pioneer Sailing Services Private Limited embarked on its journey as a humble IT training Institute tailored for Mariners. Commencing on January 22, 2000, as the Pioneer Institute of Education & Computer Studies, our initial mission was to provide IT education to Mariners. Over time, we expanded our horizons into the shipping services industry, encompassing audits, inspections, and training. Pioneer rapidly built a loyal clientele, offering a comprehensive suite of marine services under one roof, catering to esteemed ownership and management companies. We secured the RPSL License from DG Shipping, allowing us to dispatch auditors overseas and solidified our position by empaneling with the Indian Ports Association for conducting Navigation Audits at major Indian Ports, underscoring our commitment to the highest audit standards. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Pioneer pioneered Remote Navigation Audits and Pre-vetting inspections, ensuring that onboard standards were audited without the need for physical presence. To further minimize travel-related inconveniences, we established partnerships with auditors in prominent global locations.

Notably, Pioneer Sailing Services Pvt Ltd was honored with the prestigious "Promising Company" award by the Indian Achievers Forum as part of the Indian Achievers Awards 2021, recognizing our outstanding contribution to nation-building in the shipping services category.